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Snoring Appliances in Gungahlin

Snoring Appliances at Shine Dentists, GungahlinWhether loud or quiet, snoring is caused by a vibration in your respiratory structures and causes disruption to a good night’s rest. When the back of your throat narrows and relaxes, air movement is restricted, resulting in the sound of snoring.

Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

Some risk factors in snoring can be controlled, such as smoking, being overweight, drinking alcohol and certain medications like antihistamines and sleeping pills. Others, though, we cannot help and may require the assistance of a dentist. The professional team at Shine Dentists, Gungahlin can help with the most serious cases that can result in the cessation of breathing: obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).

OSA can be moderate or severe, during which a lack of muscle tone in your upper airway causes it to close fully with a pause in breathing. Your natural reaction is to gasp and breathe again. It’s difficult to diagnose since it only happens while sleeping. In fact, it’s often your partner that will be the first to see the signs of OSA. The main causes of this condition are enlarged tonsils and excess weight. Once it’s suspected, we’ll refer you to have a sleep study done to confirm the proper diagnosis.

What Our Dentists Can Do

Many products are available to help with snoring, but the over-the-counter options aren’t suited to your precise needs. We offer custom-created Mandibular Advancement Devices that hold your tongue and lower jaw in a forward position, keeping your airway open at night.

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